We have separate staff for automotive, residential, commercial, and emergency locksmith services which enable us to fulfill our customers' demands without any difficulty.





About us - Tampa

Have you ever faced the terror of being locked outside your house in the midnight? Did you and your employees spend a long time outside the office while waiting for repair of locked security system? Or lost your car keys, There are lots of incidents like that and they bring lots of tension and trouble to the sufferers, thus it is important to stay in contact with some master locksmith service providers who can solve your problem anytime even in emergency cases, We are providing 24/7 locksmith service to our clients in Tampa, Florida from last so many years and our team of experts is dedicated to provide satisfactory and trustworthy services to all.

Expert and premier full service locksmith company

We at 10 Minutes Locksmith, deal in offering our clients with the efficient services, We have knowledgeable and experienced technicians who are able to solve all the lock related problems within minutes. They will get you out of the difficult situation that you may face due to your car or house lock system, It does not matter that where you got stuck, whether you were on the way when your car lock undergone problem or you were still at home, our locksmiths will be at your location within 10 minutes of your call.

10 Minutes Locksmith Offers
  • Great service. Sam got the job done quickly, He was friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend 10 Minutes.
  • When I showed up to the office on Monday, I wasn't expecting to find the window in the office smashed, and all the keys hanging on the key ring taken, along with a lot of other things, One thing I knew I had to take care of first was getting all our doors and vehicles re-done so that the thieves couldn't come back and take everything again, I found 10 Minutes Locksmith online, and since I am in Tampa, and they had really good reviews, I decided to give them a call, He came right out, and was already working on the first lock before I was done speaking with the policemen about the robbery! He was done installing all the new locks within a few hours and in some cases they looked and worked better than the locks they were replacing. I really appreciate his fast and quality service!
    Tim Smith
  • I called him on a Monday morning, and by that afternoon I had new locks on the outer doors to my home, my garage and my car. They look great, work great, and I was so happy to have that taken care of. I would definitely call him again if we ever need to.
    Allison C.